Seeds of the Future

The Known World

The Beginning

The Known world is host to four united nations. Rather than segregated by race, each nation is home to a different ideology. The only nation that holds magic as a true gift rather than curse, The Silver Cog Commonwealth, resides in the North Sea. The silver tongued and the seat of government, Iron Cross Nation, resides in the East Sea. The economic and technological powerhouse, Hammer Talon Republic, resides in the South Sea. And lastly, the Chipped Tusk Dominion, home to pirates, mercenaries, bounty hunters, and adventurers alike, resides in the West Sea.

Long ago, the four nations were at war over an ancient land. This land was at the center of the world and held the Tree of Knowledge. After decades of battle, war has taken its toll. The very land they fought for was destroyed and the tree itself was annihilated.

With the destruction of the tree, all the stars in the sky and magic in the world vanished. The war torn nations called a cease fire and collaborated to amend what they have done. With countless resources they convened at the dead tree. There are no records of what happened, only that all who went never returned.

In a last effort, each nation sent two of their best. This group would be known as the Celestial Eight. They too vanished but only to return a decade later with tales of a different land filled with wonders and nightmares. With their return, the stars slowly appeared in the sky, though not the same stars that were once before. And soon magic itself flowed back into the hands of mortals, though it has and still is a rare gift, or in the eyes of the common man, a dangerous curse.

With the aid of the Celestial Eight, they not only brought back the stars and magic, but peace. With the help of the Eight, the nations formed an alliance that would be known as, The United World.

Hundreds of years have passed, history has become legend, legend has become myth. The New Realm from which the Eight explored for a decade, was forgotten. But recently it has been rediscovered, proving that myth is in fact reality.

The United World is holding a tournament called the Celestial Games, which mimics the trials and challenges of the original Celestial Eight.

You and your team have been invited to these games. The winner will be sponsored to go to the New Realm.

A star is twinkling…



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